We Manufacture And Install Our High Performance Tru-Flake Floor Coatings in Lakeland FL, Tampa FL and Orlando FL

Thanks to our combined 50 Years experience as Installers, Chemists, Product Developers and QC Managers we are now delivering our industrial grade resinous flooring options to the residential market. Our main focus is to provide the latest advancements in modern resin chemistry. Not only are we providing the most advanced, we are offing the latest science for all budget ranges. We have incorporated nano technology into all of our garage flooring options.

The majority of the installation companies out there have to settle for big box manufacturing companies that make decisions based on profit and not quality. Ultimately those companies end up delivering sub par products and even sub par service that quite simply does not hold up long term. We take all of the knowledge we have learned in the industry and re-define the standards in CUSTOMER SERVICE, QUALITY, AND SURFACE PREPARATION

Our proprietary Tru-Flake Hybrid Epoxy/Alpha Garage Flooring System allows you to no longer worry about how long your garage floor epoxy/polyurea will last. Our Tru-Flake Garage Flooring options have the highest resistance to Gasoline, Transmission Fluids, Solvents, Tire Marks, UV Fading, Cracking, Peeling, and so much more.

The most unique offering we have over our competitors is the fact that we are in control of our quality!

These Systems Are Also Great For:
Warehouse Epoxy Flooring, Airplane Hangar Epoxy Flooring, Salon Epoxy Flooring, Restaurant Epoxy Flooring, Kitchen Epoxy Flooring, Garage Floor Epoxy Flooring Etc...

We service All Of Florida and Lakeland FL, Tampa FL, and Orlando FL.

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Our Available Resinous Systems

Our Available Tru-Flake Color Blends

Say Goodbye To Oil Stains and Peeling With Our Garage Floor Coating

Every garage, mechanic shop and decorative interior concrete surface can benefit from the Tru-Flake Hybrid Epoxy Floor Coating System. Our garage floor coating is:

  • Chemically Resistant - Our Tru-Flow Epoxy Hybrid Coating can survive continued exposure to industrial chemicals, Hydraulic Fluids and Petroleum based Oils, it is for these reasons many customers in an industrial or retail settings find a resinous floor to be a vital part of the surface that may be exposed to such materials..
  • Durability - Epoxy floor coatings remain to be one of the most durable surfaces protecting against wear and tear to the concrete substrate. In turn, reduced repair costs are contributed to the restoration of the surface.
  • Customizable: Our systems comes in a variety of colors, so you can choose the blend that fits your needs.
  • Slip Resistant: Chemical Spills and Water can often cause employees or customers to slip and fall. With the majority of epoxy floor applications finishing between a .50 - 1.00 slip Coefficient of Friction rating these resinous floors will significantly reduce a slip and fall from occurring. This allows for a much safer environment for employees and customers.

And as always our top coat on all of our epoxy flooring is our industry leading Tru-Alpha Polyaspartic Urethane to significantly reduce possibilities of scratches and other damage. Call now to have the Tru-Grit Coatings Team install a garage floor coating in your Lakeland, Tampa, or Orlando FL area home.