There are a lot of companies doing applications similar to yours... what makes you different?

A: VALUE. Our company is unique to the industry for many reasons. Whether were saving you money because we manufacture our products and you don't get passed the distributor markup or were always looking for ways to provide the absolute most value to our customers by providing information about the products, Providing flooring that truly stands the test of time, our commitment to providing transparent videos on you-tube showing our process and of course our presence on social media that is always tailored to add value to your experience.

How Is your Quality Different?

A: Before starting TGC were worked in the resinous industry at the highest level for a combined 42 Years . We have held such positions as:

  • V.P Research & Development
  • Technical Coatings Formulator
  • Quality Analyst
  • QC Lab Technician
  • Quality Control Lab Manager

We have formulated products for industrial, residential and military industries and in each sector we have had to solve problems and provide an outstanding out performing products.

I'm Looking into your Tru-Flake Garage Flooring System what makes yours Different and Better?

Our system offerings are tailored to leave the most behind when we complete a project. We leave behind better higher mil systems that don't peel, fade, and are truly life time quality.
We also don't strive to spread the system out as thin as possible taking product with us to make money on another job like other companies. At the end of the day is it really worth ripping a customer off buy reducing their floor thickness my 3 mils ...NO...it may cost you substantially more in the future. Lastly, we formulate the strongest most durable hydrophobic epoxies on the market as well our Polyaspartics and polyurea's have specific Nano Additives to increase Moh Hardness.

Another company is a lot less expensive than you. Why should we still choose your company?

The old saying goes you get what you pay for. Other companies claim to be installing epoxy systems but in fact their utilizing Waterbased Acrylic crosslinked epoxies that are approximately 40% water. Those systems lack proper crosslink density and resistance properties to create a beautiful life time floor. Our offerings are 100% Solids and are not filled with incompatible diluents, fillers and useless solvents. Call James at 863-670-9270 to discuss this further