Pool Resurfacing In Lakeland, Bartow, Tampa or Orlando, FL?

Make our Tru-New Epoxy Hybrid Coating System Your Solution

Is it time to resurface your pool? Consider a revolutionary product designed by our chemists. Our Tru-New Pool Restoration System is designed to end traditional dated concepts with cost effective long term solutions that are sometimes 30% faster to complete and 25-35% cheaper. Tru-Grit Coatings LLC offers this sophisticated pool resurfacing system in Lakeland, FL and the surrounding areas.

We apply our pool coating system in 2 Fast Efficient Steps.

Step:1 We will isolate and remove your pool's Cracked, De-laminated or Thinned Out Marcite. We then fill those voids with a highly flexible polymer base product that we manufacture to ensure those voids are filled and water tight. We then apply about 10mils of our Tru Aqua-Sil Epoxy Coating in its place to bond the entire surface and create a new water tight veneer. This hydrophobic/hydrostatic resistant primer will set to form a waterproof seal that will reach an approximate strength of 10,350 lbs compression strength thats 3.5X the strength of concrete.

Step:2 After allowing the primer to dry 16-24 hours we return to begin coating the Tru-Aqua Sil with the final 2 pigmented wear coats. The Tru-Alpha NV Urethane is 100% UV Stable and highly chemical resistant and can be pigmented in the color of your choice. These final 2 coats are approximately 16 mils thick and are completely resistant to Hypochlorites, Bleach and High Phosphate environments. We can also include a metallic shimmer that will increase UV refractory properties and further transform your pool into a custom, beautiful, sparkling oasis.

Talk with our Product Chemist today to discuss your process and to schedule your pool resurfacing procedure. CALL US NOW AT 863-670-9270.

3 reasons to choose our pool resurfacing system

Clients love our pool resurfacing system for its:

1. UV stability: Our system is naturally UV-stable, so it will not fade.
2. Chemical resistance: Our industrial-strength system was originally designed as a barrier against corrosive chemicals.
3. Affordable price: Our resurfacing system costs you less per year than similar solutions.

The team at Tru-Grit Coatings can complete your pool resurfacing project in just 3-4 days. Restore your pool with our industrial epoxy coating by calling our office in Lakeland, Florida today.