Discover the Best Seamless Flooring for Commercial and Residential Properties

Discover the Best Seamless Flooring for Commercial and Residential Properties

Retail, automotive and warehouse floor coating solutions in Lakeland, Orlando & Tampa, FL

Our Tru-Solid Hybrid Epoxy/Polyurea System is a Ideal high quality alternative to our Tru-Flake Chip System. In fact, our Tru-Solid is preferred in FDA, Machining and Manufacturing environments due to the Cleanliness, Chemical Resistance, Durability and overall desired appeal. Tru-Grit Coatings Chemists have worked very hard on the Rheology, Additive and Flow of our Tru-Solid Hybrid Epoxy/Polyurea product creating a near perfect glass finish or a slightly textured surface that is still easy to clean while maintaining improved chemical and scratch resistance properties. This system was originally designed specifically for Aerospace Hangars, Airplane Hangars, Machine Shops and Warehouses. This Epoxy/Polyurea flooring solution works perfectly for:

Call today to learn more about this long-lasting warehouse floor coating. It's easy to clean, extremely durable and built to withstand extreme environments. Make sure you ask about our slip-guard additives to improve workplace safety. Our products like this one are made locally and installed in the Lakeland, Tampa, Orlando FL areas.

  • Retail shops
  • Mechanics' garages
  • Commercial buildings
  • Airplane Hangars
  • Automotive Maintenance Facilities and more!

Add our Industrial Floor Coatings To Your Building

Do you own or manage an industrial building in the Lakeland, Florida area? Our industrial floor coatings are ideal in nearly all settings, including:

  • Commercial warehouses
  • Auto shops and dealerships
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Airplane hangers
  • Storage facilities
  • Bathrooms
  • Locker rooms
  • Loading docks
  • Storage Facilities
  • Aviation Maintenance Facilities
  • Department Of Transportation Maintenance Facilities

We typically install our industrial floor coatings in areas of approximately 500 ft2 - 8,000 ft2 . We have a selection of standard solid colors in lieu of our flecked style for commercial and industrial installations.